I love to create. I love to brainstorm. And I love to tackle impossible problems.

In this blog I am going to explore possible solutions to problems, large and small. And I want your help.

Every so often I will post a new question, or a new creative challenge and I will list possible solutions that I have either found or come up with.  You can help by adding, in the comments, any other possible solutions you can think of, any variations on suggested solutions, corrections of information, information we have not considered, or anything that will lead to more and better solutions.

And if you have a question, a problem, an issue, or any creative challenge  that you would like us to all put our creative minds to, send it to me. I might use it.

In all comments and suggestions, please be civil. What is important is the solution, not the credit, the ego, the ideology, or anything else that divides us. Incivility will stifle participation, which will result in fewer possible solutions.  Besides that, in the brainstorming phase, there are no bad ideas.  There might be ideas that wouldn’t work the best, but even those might get you thinking in a new direction that will take you to a perfect solution.



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  1. Patrick Waldron said,

    March 6, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    Hi Rick, I was inspired to write a PB by your modeling prompt. I modeled my sci-fi story on Moon Powder by John Rocco. I paged through and paraphrased/ changed each element of the story to suit my own. Would you mind reading and critiquing it for me?

    I am very grateful you have written this blog.

    Best regards,

    Patrick phwaldron14@yahoo.com

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